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*Here’s every font that I could find for RT’s Shows
*all the font downloads are free! 
*Meta Plus Black is meant to have a width of 90%, it’s confirmed.*
*edit: links are now fixed and should work!*

Jenkins v2.0 (rvb) ||        Meta Plus Black (rt) ||
Bank Gothic Light, ||     BG Medium, BG Bold (ah) ||
RWBY (fan font)    ||          Minecraftia (lpmc) ||
Pricedown (lpgtav) ||           Brannboll (lp, x) ||



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what I lack in writing skills I make up for in stubborn determination to draw these two

We want to thank you for crashing with Red Airlines. We hope you
consider us for all your future crashing needs.

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Apr 8


In the Rebel Army, they salute the traditional way, but they also have a variation on the salute that is exclusive to the Rebels. Basically, at the start of the war, the Feds were all but crushing the Rebel forces under the popular but out-gunned Commander Kimball and it was ‘basically suicide’ to join up with her. 

Anyone who joined up did so knowing the odds. The story goes, Kimball once saluted a Fed negotiator with her middle and index finger, then cocked her thumb like a gun pointed at her head. Her soliders, being morbid, picked up the gesture and now Rebel squads use the gun-salute as a gesture of both disgust ‘shoot me now’ or solidarity ‘yeah, we might die, but lets do it anyway.’

Vanessa Kimball and her soldiers holding their own against suicidal odds is the foundation of the Rebel Army and why Locus would give pretty much anything to kill her. She’s the beating heart of the rebellion and as long as she’s standing the enemy will keep fighting. 

Apr 6


No but like my favorite thing about season 8 is how the thing that keeps saving the day is that the Reds know each other so well.

Like, right at the start Sarge manages to deduce the entire twist-ending of season 7 based on one fragmented message from Simmons. And then manages to ambush Wash with the “Shotgun!” thing.

And, of course, they take down the Meta by sheer virtue of Grif understanding what it means when Sarge bellows “Shotgun!” At that point, it’s clear they’re never gonna come out on top if they use brute-force, or even brains, but that grudging combination of communication and trust? That’s something they can win with.

Project Freelancer failed so spectacularly because everyone involved was absolutely hopeless at communication. For all their bickering, the Reds have that down pat.

I just have a lot of Red Team feelings okay

Apr 4



Im forever laughing that some people have nicknamed Simmons squad “the Dick Squad”

Let’s be real. If these girls are soldiers, they probably nick-named themselves ‘The Dick Squad’ while Simmons squeaked in mortification behind them. 

Apr 3



when sister talks to lopez and he tells her that her spanish sucks, the joke there is that she speaks perfect spanish while lopez always speaks horribly mangled broken spanish

and i still think thats one of the funniest scenes in the world

#i love this because it also shows that #sister is smarter than people give her credit for #i mean #she has common sense problems #and has problems processing things correctly but #i’d like to think she’s just a stereotypical high school girl where she gets excellent grades#but common sense wise #she is the slowest motherfucker ever #hell maybe her common sense is a bit okay too #she’s just…dense?? #like i remember when she was tapping on the wall of the ship #everyone was like oh you were doing the morse code #and she was like yeah why didn’t you guys answer #and none of them knew morse code #but she probably sat down and learned morse code just in case her brother new it 

Apr 1


freelancers + knife twirling

aka the first two are sad and or dead this isn’t looking good for you felix

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